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Baya Baba Math was established at Narendra Kona, Puri town during the year 1968. The math is know as Sri Kalpataru Akhanda Nama Bhawan. The math was founded by Baya Baba. He was named as Sachinandan Das Babaji by his guru. Baba born during the year 1899 in Kendrapara,village Koradagarh near kanika. His father ‘s name was Lalu Mangaraj. He began his study in the primary school during the year 1905 and took admission in Revenshaw college,cuttack during the year 1918. At that time he involved himself in freedom movement. From the beginning he was reluctant towards homely attachment. He adopted Vaishnavism during the year 1917 at Jhanjapita Math puri from his Guru Sri Rama Das babaji. He established a school at patakura namely Laxminarayan Bidyapith and imparted education to local students.

During the year 1968 he established a math and started intact Nama Yagnya. Without chanting name of God he could not remain in peace.This institution in course of time named as Baya Baba Math. Some years before his demise,he constituted a trust to management of his maths. The name of the Trust Was Sachinandan Trust. According to the conditions of the will,a manager has been appointed in each Ashram or Math.

On the impact of spiritual power of Baya Baba the Bhagabat week ( Nama Bhagabata, Gita, Rama Charita ) was being observed through out the Odisha . He was getting pleasure by distributing Prasad (Bhoga) to thousands of devotees.

He was in possession of 18 sidhi. This was said that he was able to keep contact with other saints like Mahananda Das, Abhiram Paramahans and many sadhus of Badrinarayan through his spiritual & yogic power. Bayababa had not permitted to his followers to disclose his spiritual miracles during his life time. His last advise was that if God himself comes through in carnation, the selfish human beings can root out all the hair from his body for their self interest. So he told that there is no place for saints during the kali age. He gave hints for his early departure. Bayababa expired in the year 1981. Before his demise he authorised Sri Balavadra Das as care taker of Puri Ashram.

Sri Balavadra Das is managing the Bayababa Ashram with all devotion and efficiently. Sri Balavadra Das introduced the Sankritan in the Sri mandir in each Kartik month.The Sri Jagannath Temple Administration have permitted the math for the purpose. During Chandan festival the sankirtan is also associated in the procession of Deities from lion’s Gate to Narendra Pond.

Math is rendering service to the pilgrims around the year in different special occasions. Now a days Ten sankrit disciples are residing in math premises with food and cloth in free of cost.

Though Bayababa math is not so old monastery in puri, but it established as a leading spiritual organization in the field of smooth management,maintaining day and night Sankirtan and hospitality to the guests and pilgrims.

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