World Environment Day – Sand Art on Puri Beach – Awareness to Beat Plastic Pollution




Every year on 5th of June World Environment Day is celebrated around the world. International Sand-artist Manas Kumar Sahoo has created awareness among people by creating a sand art at Manas Sahoo Sand Art Park situated on the golden sea-beach of Puri. He has constructed this sand art with the current year’s theme. He has shown in his art that plastic wastes have nearly filled this earth. Whether it is the Himalaya or the deep down of the ocean, the influence of the plastic is seen everywhere and the environment is badly affected by this massive use of plastic.

Because of the massive use of plastic by people the environment is getting badly affected and polluted because plastic is not easily destroyed and is non-biodegradable. In order to prevent this pollution of earth and to prevent the massive use of plastic Shri Manas Sahoo is creating awareness through his art.

In this sculpture he has given the slogan “Beat Plastic Pollution”. This sand art is of 20 feet of width, and some 20 tonnes of sand is used to make it. To built this sculpture it took Mr. Sahoo nearly seven hours to complete

BeatPlasticPollution Plastic Pollution SandArt

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