Pusya Abhisheka Besha – Costumes Of Lord Jagnnath




The coronation festival of Lord Sri Jagannath is celebrated during the Odia Lunar month Pausha on full moon day. Three Deities are adjoined with various gold Ornaments which is very attractive. During the occasion Lakhs of devotee witness the besha of Deities. As per tradition the canopy is installed on the Bhoga mandap after observing many rituals of the principles of the temple. On the previous day one type of Servitors namely Joganiaa Sebak brings water and Ghee in 21 vessels. The temple purohit seals the vessels and Bada Singhar Bhoga of Deities are observed. Then the kotha Suansia ( one type of Servitor ) prepares a pedestal namely Bhadrasan where flowers and sandal paste are kept for Adhibas. Then Green coconuts are offered to Deities and the deities are gone to bed on that day.

Pusya Abhisheka Besha - Costumes Of Lord Jagnnath

On the Full moon day ( Purnami ) of Pausha, at the early morning, the Kotha Suansia servitor prepares a house before Pratihari Nijoga. The Brahmins of the Temple prepares Homa (oblations ) After completion of morning bhoga the dress of the deities are changed ( This is called mailama in Temple language ) After that a Puja namely Maha Snnana Puja ( Great Bath ) is held. Then the other Servitors namely Garabadu bring the sealed vessels of water and Ghree in four rows. Then after the Sitala Bhoga the Mudiratha ( One type of Servitor ) offers the Bhoga to Deities. Then the Temple purohita worshiped the deities siting on wooden Pidha ( pedestal ) . After completion of Puja, Servitors Pushpalaka changes the dress of the deities. Then Ghatuaries, Panda, Pati and Mudiratha ( different category of servitors of Temple) offers Sandal paste to the deities. After that Mohalaxmi obtain orders ( namely Aagya Mala ) comes to main Temple boarded on palikin through seven steps of main Temple ( Sata Pahacha ), Mohalaxmi staged on the Jagamohan Khata. Then the Golden besha of Lord celebrated. After completion of Golden Besha of the Mohalaxmi return to adobe. Some rituals above will do by different Servitors namely Vitar Mohapatra, Mudiratha, Palia Bhandar Mekap. At last the panda worshiped in sixteen steps which is called Sodasha Upachara . After that Panda, Pati and Mudiratha offred puja to three deities. This puja is called Rajaniti & the BandaPana niti organise. Then a garland from Deities sent to the temple of Mohalaxmi on a palkin for coronation. That Garland install on wooden pedestal namely Vadrasana, then Mohasnana niti observes. Then the deities returns to south room namely Dakhina Ghara. The Mudiratha completed the Sadhi Bandha rituals on the Anasar Pendal. Then the Padhiari and Khunita Serviotios go the Temple of Jambeswar ( Siva ). After returning from from Jameswar Temple rituals namely Mangala Arpana observe. By this way the coronation Festivals of Lord Sri Jagananth, Balvadra & Subhadra completes.

Pusha Masa Kotha Suansia Debabhiseka Purnima

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