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Dasabatar Math said to be established by noted poet Jayadeb who composed most favored song of Jagannath. The math was constructed in a house during the 12th century. The record reveals that there were only Mahantas namely Alekha Das, Rama chandra Das and Padma das. Padma das was the last recognize mahant of the math. Due to his illness he hand over the charge of mahanta to mohana das who was the then mahant of Bada chata matha during the year 1904 by a deed. Due to lack of repair and renovation work the institute became ruined. 

Now the math is situated  as per settlement as per record in holding no 587 having 100 feet wide and 60 feet long area. These are 7 small temples in the math premises. One temple had been demolished and perished previously. 

As per list of deities submitted before honored by the court as given Sri Jagannath Jew,  Balavadra, Devi Subhadra all are stone image having 2 feet height. Sri Raghunath Jew, fish incarnation of jew, Nrusingh incarnation of Jew, Tortoise incarnation of Jew, Barah  incarnation of Jew, Baman incarnation of Jew, Parsuram incartation, Ramachandra incarnation, Baalaram incarnation, Budha incarnation, and Kalaki incarnation. 

Now a days the matha is running with financial deficit . This math is being regulated by Bada Chata matha. The Badachata matha is granting 500 grams rice daily to the math which is drop to the ocean. 

The math is associated with Sri Jagannath Temple one khandua pata seva was observed in the math. The seva has been discontinued since lack of interest and dedication mentality of the mahants of math. During car festival while lord adorned the chariot in front Gundicha temple the Amunia bhoga were kept in side the month. The water of the well of the matha is used for performing rituals on the rath. The mini ratha from different community are kept in front of the math. Deitis are also placed inside the  math different nitis are also offered till return car festival. 

Now a days the district administration taking interest to make development of the math. The endeavor of the new managing committee is commendable. The shortage of money is felt during different festive occasion in the year. It is demanded, the endowment authority to look after  the matter sympathetically.  





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