Mudgala Madhab, Kakatpur




Not far away from Kakatapur there is a Mudgala Madhab in renovated Pidha temple. An image of Vishnu(5′-6”) is being worshiped as Nilamadhab holding Chakra and Sankha in upper right and upper left hands whereas a lotus and gada have found place in the lower right and lower left hand respectively

Mudgala Madhab, Kakatpur

Mudgala Madhab, Kakatpur

Vishnu icon is commonly worshiped as Nilamadhab in the Prachi Valley.

The history of Madhava worship in India is traced from the time of extension of Vaisnavism with various forms of Vishnu. This popular religion might have flourished in Orissa in the dawn of its reflection, but archaeological evidences suggest its existence from the time of the Matharas, the contemporary of Guptas. The Mathar rules embraced the vaisnavite principles and built monuments in honour of Vishnu.

So far Prachi Valley is concerned, it is said that this valley is very famous for the worship of Dvadasa Sambhu and Dvadasa Madhab. A short reference to the Dvadasa Madhava and several other images of the same in the valley is required to indicate the significance of the cult.

Nilamadhab Prachi Valley Madhab Dvadasa Madhab.

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