Purushottam Ekadashi Fast Katha




Lord Bishnu
Artist: Samundra Man Singh Shrestha

Puroshottam Ekadasi is the EKADASHI, falling in the Adhik Maas. Puroshottam Ekadasi is known as kamala Ekadashi, Padmini and Padma Ekadasi. The Adhik Maas is also known as Purushottam Mas and is dedicated to Lord Krishna.

Purushottam Ekadashi Fast Katha

As per the legend, a priest named Shiv sharma had five sons. One of his son gets indulged into bad company and thus performs bad deeds. Seeing his evil side his family members disowns him and asks him to leave the house. As a result, due to his bad deeds he had to wander around in the forests and suffered from long exile. One day while wandering around he reached Prayag from Devyoga. In search of the food he reached to the ashram of saint Harimitra. He saw all the saints listening to the Kamla Ekadashi katha on the auspicious day of Purushottama month. He overheard the katha and observed fast along with all other saints.

During night goddess Lakshmi appeared in front of him and told him that she is pleased with his devotion. She gives him a boon, on which the boy asks her to recite the importance of purushotam fast to him. Goddess tells him that observing this fast gives freedom from the sins and bad deeds performed by the person in all lives. After listening to it, the boy indulges himself into the worshipping of the goddess and becomes a wealthy and fortunate person. He goes back to his house and tells his father about all the events that occurred in his life.
Significance of Purushottam Ekadashi
Those who worship Lord Purushottam with devotion and faith in the modern times gets relief from all suffering and is blessed with great fortune.

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