Aruna Stambha


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The great Arun Stamba (Pillar) is established in front of Sri Jagannath Temple. Sri Aruna is the charioteer of God Surya (Sun). Actually this Pillar was a part of Sun Temple Of Konark and was located in front of Sun Temple, which was later parceled to Puri. In course of time the Sun Temple was demolished for some reason. Debris of the Sun Temple was lying scattered within the temple premises. During the reign of Marathas in Orissa, they brought the pillar from Konark to Puri during 17th century, which was established in front of the temple. Now it became a part of Sri Jagannath Temple. It’s height is 32 feet. Lord Aruna is sitting at the top of the pillar with folded hands looking towards the Deities. It is made of high quality granite stone and the carving made on it is of high class in nature.

Aruna Stambha Lord Aruna 17th century

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