NABADHA VAKTI, devotion through the path of devotion




The soul aim of rare achieved human life is to achieve self reliance. In other words it can be stated that the human soul can achieve its salvation on the realization of supreme soul.There are so many ways as reveals from Vedas to meet with God. Some are achieved it though religious way, whereas others achieve it though the process of wisdom. Some persons met with supreme soul in shape of aurora by way of Yoga. Whatever, it may be, the most easy and simple way to achieve God is the path of devotion (Vakti Marg).

In the present state of busy life, to achieve God through the path of wisdom (Gyan Yoga ) is very difficult. Hence, it is seen that some persons achieved rage availed Supreme soul through the path of devotion (Vakti Marg). Now a days the so called Vakti Yoga is very difficult on the part of a common man due to busy life style. There is precedence to achieve the Supreme soul though the path of devotion. According to great epic “Bhagabat” Vakti (Devotion) is a Goddess. Wisdom and Bairagya are two sons to her. Due to prevalence of Kali Yug , the wisdom (Gyan) and Bairagya have became passive of old age. Being seen this the Goddess Vakti cried. During this time, she met the great sage Narada. Sage Narada advised her the way to save her sons from the sorrow.

As per Great Epics, Nine embodiments of Vakti Devi. The devotees offered their devotion to eternal God in nine fold process. This is called Nabadha Vakti (Nine fold devotion to God) Hearing, Recitation, Memorization, Worship, Recitation Of Virtues, Foot Service, Service, Friendship and Self Reliance. Sri Vishnu is being worshiped by this nine fold devotion, if some devotee is unable to do any thing due to physical problem, still he can hear, the name and virtues of God and recitation of the same. Idol worshiping, prayer and foot massage service is the best service to God . The pinnacle stage of devotion is to self offering to the feet of God. Rishi Patanjali told that self offering to God is best devotion. Vakti by way of self offering are three types. Service, friendship and self appeal. There are nine devotees treated as Roll model of Navadha Vakti. King Parikhit was listening all times relating the matter of Sri Hari God. Great sage Vyasadev was the best who wrote the greatness of God covering all aspects. He divided the Veda and author of different epics like Mahavarat. Thirdly, Sri Prahallad became great devotee by reciting name of God being hailed from demon dynasty/ Serving at the feet of Sri Hari God is only salvation. This opportunity has been given to Goddess Laxmi. All are worshiping God. But king pruthu is the best worshiper . Charioteer Akrura is the best devotee by reciting the memories of Lord as a result of which he could have a Darshan of Lord Krishna under water. Sri Hanuman adopted his life as a dedicated servant of Lord. He had only aim to offer service to God, so he became great devotee of Lord. Arjuna was the best friend of Lord during Dwapar Yug. Friendship between Krishna Arjuna is legendary in India. The best way of devotion is to donate every thing to God. Great King Bali had proved him as great donor when he denied the advise of Guru Sukracharya and donated every thing to God as the incarnation of Vishnu as Baman. The great donation of Bali became a legend in India for ever.

In addition to that nine devotees, many others have achieved this salvation through devotion to God. We can achieve the mercy of God if we can adopt any one of the way as mentioned in Navadha Vakti ( Nine fold devotion).

Wisdom and Bairagya Sri Hanuman King Bali

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