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As per tradition of Sri Mandir ( Temple ), different rituals observed in the Temple, The main deities are given order of attorney through a flower Garland known as Angyamala. The details of Angyama described in Skanda Purana. It reveals that the royal representative of king Indradwiman, Vidyapati first received this Agnyamala ( Order of Attorney ) from Tribal King Biswabasu meant to king of Avanti Namely Indradwamna from God Vishnu ( Nilamadhaba ) – After obtaining the Angyamala, Vidyapati arrived at Avanti and handed over the garland to kind Indradwimna. On receipt of Garland, the king Indradwimna was greatly oblised. Soon after receipt of Agyanmala king Indradwimna set out to have a darshan of Lord Nilamadhba. This is based on mythological literature but as per Historical analysis, it is anticipated that, this Agyanmala giving tradition began probably during 13th century. At that time Ananga Vima Dev 3rd was the king of Kalinga ( Ancient Odisha) . During the reign of Ananaga Vima Deva 3rd he clard Lord Sri Jagannath as Lord of the region. Since that time all the king were in habit to begin different type of ausepicious work by obtaing Agyanmala from Lord Jagannath.

The Grand Temple of lord Sri Jagannath is famous for its unique ritualistic practises and various functions through out the year. The main deities are not taking part directly in all the festivals observed through out the year but the representive idols of main deities of the Jagannath Temple are taking part in accordance with obtaining Agnyamala. The roll of Agyanmala is described elaboratle in Niladri Mahodaya, Bamadev Sahinta and in record of right of Sri Mandir in difrent ritual and functions.

The use of Agyanmala in Sri Mandir ( Temple ) is 113 times for different festivals. The fact reveals from the book namely “ Sri Darubrahma Rahasya“ by Sri Rabindra Pratihari. But the information collected from the Chadau Karana Sri Sudhansu Pattnaik and other servitors that the total number of Agynamala issued from Sri Jagannath ( Supreme Divinity ) are 139 times during the year. It can be mentioned here that on the day of Pana Sankranty, the beginning day of the year, a big Garland is divided into 31parts and the small garland are ofered to different Hanumans. All the part garlands ae treated as on one. Accordingly, in the periodicall rituals names, Gurubar Majana ( Secrete Thursday bathing) Eksadhi are observed many times a year, but all these festival are counted as one, otherwise the number of Agyan Mala will be increased considerably.

It is believed in Hinduism that the whole universe is regulated in accordance with the order of Sri Jagannath. It is the prayer before the eternal God, that he should organise whole universe as per the direction. All the festivals and rituals should continue for benefit of vakta in accordance with the Agyanmala issued from him.

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