Radha Damodar Puja in Kartika Month




Radha Damodar Puja in Puri is also called “Rai Damodar Brata” is observed in the Month Of Kartika by Hindu women. They have only one meal of sun-dried-rice, known as havisha, during the fasting. The deities ( Lord ) worship in Radha Damodara Brata are Rai, Damodara and Goddess Laxmi.

As per the tradition, those who observe the habisha or the Kartika brata renounce a number of vegetables such as different varieties of gourds, brinjal, a number of pulses and other leafy vegetables for the whole month.

They either partake the prasad cooked in the Jagannath temple or Lingaraj temple or prepare curries out of sweet potatoes, coconut and only a few pulses allowed to be eaten.

The women wake up at around 2 am in the morning and bathe in cold water. They then perform the baluka puja in which they draw patterns out of natural powdered colour in front of the tulasi choura or basil plant and blow conch followed by hulahulis. They then worship Lord Vishnu and Shiva in groups through various traditions such as playing kowdi and read chapters from the Kartik Purana, a holy text read during this month.

Goddess Laxmi havisha Radha Damodara

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Festival in Puri


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