Sathi Budhi Bratta – Sathi Puja


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Shashthi or Shashti (Sanskrit: षष्ठी, Ṣaṣṭhī, literally “sixth”) is a Hindu folk goddess, venerated as the benefactor and protector of children (especially, as the giver of male child).

Sasthi Brata Osha In Odia Family

Sasthi Brata Osha In Odia Family

In Orissa, the goddess is worshipped in the lying-in room on the sixth day after childbirth, on the 21st day after childbirth and on every subsequent birthday of the child until he or she reaches the age of sixteen. Shashthi is also prescribed to be worshipped the sixth day of each of the two lunar fortnights occurring each month; as part of the Brata rites, the worship occurring on the bright fortnight of the month of Bhadrapada is the most important of these and holds the same status in Orissa. By these rites, it is believed a childless woman may gain offspring, while a mother may secure the longevity and welfare of her child by the grace of the goddess.

At Jagannath Temple, Puri there is Sasthi Mata statue inside Bhubneswari Temple. Goddess Sasthi is being wors

Bajaramuli badia – rituals of hitting the branches of 6 pious trees to children for their betterment

hiped for the long life of children on their birth day. Sasthi Mata having three hundred and a child sleeps on her left lap with self contentment.

Family in Odisha pray Maa Sasthi for the betterment and longevity for children. Small statue of six sisters and one brother are made by women of Odia family. Six type flowers, Six tree branches, six fruits, six types of Saags ( Vegetable leaves) are used in this puja. No need of Brahman or any type mantra is recited for the Puja of Sasthi. Different types of rice cake, rice, curry and saag are made for puja prasad. After puja women of the family hit small kids softly by the six branches whose are iconic of Godess Sasthi Mata.

Six flowers are Tagara, Mandara, Aprajita, Rangani, Kaniara, Dudura.

Six Vegetables Leaves are Khada, Koshala, Kanasiri, Bana Chakunda, Purunimundi, Saru

Six Tree Branches are Saru, Jui, Dhana, Barakoli, Apamaranga Bajaramuli / 
peri perika, apmaranga , saru gacha, bausna

ପେରି ପରିକା, ବଜରମୁଳି, ଅପମାରଙ୍ଗ, ସାରୁ ଗଛ, ବାଉଁସ / ସାରୁ, ଜୁଇ, ଧାନ, ବରକୋଳି, ଅପମାରଙ୍ଗ, ବଜରମୁଳି

Six fruits are Dudura, Kaniari, Chaulia, Nadia Gotoma, Janhi, Kakudi


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