Shattila Ekadashi Katha




Shattila Ekadashi is observed in the month of January/ February. The narration about Shattila Ekadashi by Lord Krushna to Judhishtira, found in the Bhavisya Purana. The name of the Ekadashi is Sat-Tila as it is believed that donating Til (Sesame) seeds on this day will help in redeeming sins. It is believed donating Til ( Sesame ) seeds on this day will eradicate sins. It is considered to take bath with Til ( Sesame ) seeds on this day. Devotees who observe Shatttila Ekdashi are normally follow the rules as like other Ekadashi. They generally avoid foods made of Rice and Grains.

Katha of Shattila Ekdashi
Once upon a time in the Varanasi city a poor Ahir was living with his family. He was running his family by cutting the wood and selling it in the market . The day he is unable to sell woods, they have to sleep hungry. One day he reached to a Moneylender’s house with the wood and he saw that they are celebrating some festival. He asked about it to the Moneylender and he told him that they are celebrating Shattila Ekadashi Brat and by doing this Brat all the problems are solving and you should also do Shattila Ekadashi Brat; hearing this immediately he came back home after taking some money from the moneylender and start preparing for worshiping Shattila Brat with his wife and he did the Brat properly. By doing this Brat he became a rich and famous man in Varanasi city.

Varanasi Ekadashi Bhavisya Purana

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