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Sana Chata Matha is one of the institute of Ramanandi Cult of Vaisnavism. This Math is situated at the close proximity of Sri Jagannath Temple namely in front of Dolabedi Kunja. The Recorded land reveals that the area comes to AC. 0.87 decemal in the settlement records.

The founder of the math is Saint Ramdasjee. As per prevailing tradition of the math for last 250 years the Mahant of the Math can not married. the Gotra (segment) of the mohanta is Achyuta. The Mahanta head of math is selected among the disciples of the Math. Before adorned in the place of Mahanta, he has to learn each and every rituals of the Math. The coronation as Mahanta in the math is done by the Mahanta Maharaj of Bada Akhada Matha.

Sri Patitapabana Dev ( Idol of Sri Jagannath) is main deity of the Math. The height of this idol is 4 feet. The face of this idol remains charming always. there are some Beshas are arranged during the year on behalf of Math. This practice are not adopted by any other Maths of Puri. It reveals that the incarnation of Sri Patitapabana has not been done since last eighty years. The Other deities worshiped in the math are Raghunath Dev, Shri Ram Laxman & Sita. Lalaji( Ram), Shri Radha Krushna, Laxmi, Jagananth, Balbhadra Subhdra, Shri Sudarshan. There are 200 Live Salagram also worshiped along with other deities. At the main Gate image of Garuda and Hanuman are established.

Among the deity rituals ( niti ) opening of Gate, then Abakash ( bathing worship) Balabhog, Ararti, Annbhoga ( at noon ) Day sleeping of deities ( Diba Pahada) . In after noon awakening from sleep, Kirtan, Bhajan( Prayer), Sandhya Arati and Ratra Bohog ( Milk, Roti & Anna ) At last the deities are gone to sleep. Since last 15 years the Akhada kirtan( Non Stop Prayer) is going on round the clock. 12 vaisnabas are performing kirtan on Rotation basis.

Main festivals are Sriram Nabami ( Birthday of God Ram), 42nd day long Chandan Yatra ( Sandal festival of Sri Patitapabana and Sri Raghunath Dev) , Snnana Purnima, Anasara rittuals are observed. During Anabasara period Sri Patitapabana is worshiped are a diffrent place. Guru Purnima, Jhulana Yatra, Bamana dwadashi, Nrusingha Janama, Janamastami, Gobardhan Puja, Rama Charitra Manasa and Dasahara are also observed . In addition to that the death anniversary of Past Mahants are also commemorated.

In the Record of right of Sri Mandir no 119 reveals private service and institutional service in serial no 71 that Sana chata Matha authorised to render Alat & Chanra Seba to deities at different festive occasions in Sri Mandir.

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