World Tuberculosis Day – Sand Art at Manas Sahoo Sand Art Park, Puri




On the occasion of World Tuberculosis Day, Sand Artist Sri Manas Sahoo has built a sand sculpture at Manas Sahoo Sand Art Park, Puri.

On the occasion of World Tuberculosis Day International Sand Artist Sri Manas Kumar Sahoo has built a sand art on the golden sea-beach of Puri in order to create awareness among general public. Here he is conveying the message to people that Tuberculosis is completely a curable disease and following DOT method and after taking medicine for few days it can be cured completely within few days; therefore without fear of this disease and without neglecting the symptoms and the disease, if people start taking medication at the right time and sincerely this disease can be completely cured.

Mr. Sahoo has shown through his sand art how the whole world can be made free of Tuberculosis. This year he is giving the worldly message “Everyone please come forward and let us take leadership and eradicate Tuberculosis from this world”. “Wanted leaders for a TB free world”.

This sand art is of 15 feet of width, and some 20 tonnes of sand is used to make it. To built this sculpture it took Mr. Sahoo and the students of his Institute nearly seven hours to complete.

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