Brhma Daru Sudarshana Namami




Panchkarama, Bhumi Sodhana, Gandhadi , Haaridradibasa and Darupuja, these rituals has took place near the Daru of Lord Sudarshana. Four days after the declaration of Sudarshan Daru, thousand devotees from

Bhumipujan at Gadakantunia village near Balakati in Khordha district :: Sudarshana Daru

Bhumipujan at Gadakantunia village near Balakati in Khordha district :: Sudarshana Daru

different part of the country are gathering to pray Daru Of Sudarshan. Daru of Lord Sudarsana has has been identified at the Gadakantunia village near Balakati in Khordha district.

Lord Sudarshana is one of Chaturdhamurti, Sri Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra and Sudarshan four images in the Jagannath Temple in Puri . It is described in Skanda Purana (19 : 9) that the weapons in the hands of Sri Narayn represent knowledge (Chakra), selfness (Padma), majesty (Gada) and sound (Sankha). So Sudarshan is the symbol of knowledge in the hand of Sri Bishnu.

Sudarshana is the great wheel of time that finishes the creation and that too, it is a rotation. The creation begins again and again. When the Universe is created, it is called ‘Day’ and when finishes, called ‘Night’ (Gita-8 : 18 and 19). When night comes, there is no sun, no moon, no earth, no stars, no sky or nothing else. Only great ocean of deepest darkness exists (Rig Veda – 10th Mandal, 129 Sukta, 3rd
Mantra). Hence it is cycle of creation and destruction. It is the supreme wheel (Sudarshan
Chakra) in the hand of the Creator / Preserver / Destructor of the Universe. He is Param Brahma
Sri Jagannath.

Photo Credit: Ranjan Ganguly

Nabakalebara Brhma Daru Sudarshana Sudarshana

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Festival in Puri


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