Garuda Statue at different places of Jagannath Puri

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Garuda is the mount of Lord Jagannath ( Narayan ), Chirada, Gaganeshvara, Kamayusha, Kashyapi, Khageshvara, Nagantaka, Sitanana, Sudhahara, Suparna, Tarkshya, Vainateya, Vishnuratha are names used in different Purana. In Hinduism Lord Garuda symbolizes the Power and Devotion, pure Bhakti make him so strong that he capable to carry Lord Narayan. Lord Garuda is regarded as cultural and national symbol in different country like India, Indonesia, Thailand and Mongolia.

Garuda Statue at diffrent place of Jagannath Puri

In different central places of Jagannath Puri, Lord Garuda statue is placed. It welcome devotee of Lord Jagananth to city Puri. The statute increases the devotion of devotee towards Lord Jagannath. Yes it attract tourist to Puri and make the city more beautiful.

Photo: Ranjan Ganguly

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