Jagannath temple Puri to start FM service

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Sri Jagannath temple administration has decided to start an FM broadcasting service soon.

“We have decided to set up our own radio station to disseminate information on Lord Jagannath. The proposed project would be commissioned at a cost of around Rs. 4 crore,” the temple’s chief administrator, Arvind Padhee, told reporters on Tuesday.

Mr. Padhee said this a day after the Temple Managing Committee headed by Gajapati Maharaj of Puri, Dibyasingha Deb, gave its nod to the proposal.

The project is likely to take shape after the end of Rath Yatra in July. The shrine body plans to air devotional songs, daily rituals and discourses relating to Jagannath; eight hours a day.

Besides, information on lord Jagannath and rituals of the 12th century shrine would soon be available on popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. National Informatics Centre (NIC), a central government institution which provides e-government/e- governance solutions in the country, is giving finishing touches to the design and contents of the dedicated webpage on the reigning deities of Odisha.

“We would soon launch the page on lord Jagannath on Facebook and Twitter. Since the social networking sites are being browsed by countless people across the globe, this will help spread Jagannath culture across the globe,” Padhee said.

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