Jagannath Temple repair may not meet Rath Yatra date

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Photo: Ranjan Ganguly

With RathYatra nearing, priests of Jagannath temple in Puri on Thursday took a dig at Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) for the slow pace of repair work at the shrine. The servitors raised their concern at a preparatory meeting in Puri for the ensuing festival.

The nine-day annual Rath Yatra will begin on July 10. “The renovation of Singhdwar Gumuta is moving at snail’s pace. We doubt whether the conservation work will be completed prior to Rath Yatra,” said servitor Bhagaban Pujapanda.

Revenue divisional commissioner-cum-chief administrator of Jagannath temple Arvind Padhee said the repair work would be completed in time. “We have asked the ASI to complete the work before Debasnan Purnima,” Padhee said.

Padhee sought the cooperation of shrine priests for timely completion of rituals and smooth conduct of the Rath Yatra, Bahuda Yatra and Suna Besha. “Besides, we have asked different departments to ensure better connectivity, uninterrupted power and drinking water supply, besides cleanliness in Puri during the festival,” Padhee said.

The district administration has asked the excise department to conduct regular crackdowns on illegal liquor joints during the festivity.

The excise sleuths have also been directed to prevent drug peddling. The state government would set up an integrated control room in Puri to deal with emergency situations during the Rath Yatra.

Source: timesofindia

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