Rama Navami celebrate with Sahi Jatra




In  Puri  Ramanavami  is  celebrated  with  mass  participation –a  unique  tradition. This  festival  starts  from  Chaitra  Sukla  Astami  and  ends  with  coronation  of  Rama (Rama Aviseka) .  Here,  all  the  Sahis  (streets) formerly 8  nos , now 7 partake  in  the  festivals,  in  a  systematic  order  and  perform  one  episode  of  Ramayana  like  birth  of  Rama, Rama banabasa, sita  chori ,Lanka  Dahana, Rama  Ravana  Yudha  and  Rama Abhiseka.  As  in  case  of  Ramalila  of  Banaras  and  Agra  the  performing  troupe  does  not  enact  all  the  scenes  in  the  same  arena  every  night.  So  is  the  case  of  Puri,  Ramanavami, otherwise  called  as  Sahi  Jatra.  Here  two  Sahis  form  one  group.  They  are  called  Badi  Sahi (opponents  in  terms  performers)  of  each  other. 

Raghunath, Jagannath temple,Puri

Raghunath, Jagannath temple,Puri

The  performers  along  with  Sahi  people  in  a  grand  procession  moves  to  second  one  and  perform  there  and  vice versa.  This  is  a  blend  of  tradition  and  the  event  uphold  the  exchanger  of  moral  ethics  at  the  micro  level.  It  has  more  sociological  value  to  maintain  peace  and  harmony  among  the  locals  in  a  systematic  way  that  otherwise  a  heritage  component  of  the  sacred  center.  The  main  architect  to  organise  the  Sahi  Yatra  are  the  Akhahe  and  Jagagharas.  In  each  Sahi  there  is  an  Akhada  which  acts  as  a  harbinger  of  peace  by  regulating  the  socio-cultural  life  style  of  the  inhabitants. The head of the Akhada is known as Sahi Nayak . A number of Jaga Gharas, still function under the control of Akhadas; which has some responsible for local development, social order, family discipline, training and practice of military art and skill and Oddisi music and dance. Like the “jagar” of Himachal Pradesh, these Jaga Gharas at Puri are the genuine centers of cultural awakening at the grassroots level.

Sahi Jatra – Open Theater Ramalila

Sahi Jatra – Open Theater Ramalila

The Sahi Jatra or celebration of Rama Navami with mass participation is a ritual. Which expresses their custom, beliefs, crafts, philosophy, music even their wealth and color. the performers are dressed having big medhas a traditional art form on which a single person could not act upon. The entire festival is linked to Lord Jagannath. Each Sahi before enactment ought to get the permission from the Lord Jagannath (agyamala ) and after performance in the Sahi, the main episode has to be performed before the Lord at Jagannath Ballava Matha, which is considered as the heavenly garden.

Sahi Jatra Rama Navami

flag Lord Jagannath

Festival in Puri


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