On the eve of Christmas Sand artist Manas Kumar Sahoo creates sand sculpture on the Golden Sea-Beach




Christmas is celebrated on 25th December. On the eve of this Christmas, Mr. Sahoo is celebrating it in a completely different way preparing a sand art show, in which he is depicting a European-style art which figures the current social position of children in India, especially, the differently-able ones. As Santa brings gifts to kids, in the same manner this is a gift to children form Mr. Sahoo. In some arts Santa is seen playing with children, and in other, Angels from the Sea are waiting to present gifts to the children. In these arts Mr. Sahoo is raising a voice against the atrocities done to children and wants to spread a message to the world to adopt the differently-able children with love and affection.On the eve of Christmas 2015 international renowned sand artist Manas Kumar Sahoo creates sand sculpture on the Golden Sea-Beach, PuriThose benevolent persons who would be donating money in this event, all this amount will be handed over to “PRAYAS” which is an organization working for the differently-able children in Keonjhar, Odisha.

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