Temple Purohita || ଦେଉଳ ପୁରୋହିତ




The temple Purohit has to do lot of work in Sri Madir as per prescribed certification of Record of right of Sri Jagannath Temple. The servitor has to do PushyaVisheka, GhrutaaViseka, Jiba Sansakra, Purushasutra, GayanaMantra, Jaga, Rosha Homa, BijeBaje, Mangala Ropana, Reading Sukta on Thursday Majana ( bath ), on Chariot establishment, Lord Jagannath Wooden IdolChapa Establishment and all other establishment work of Sri Mandir. He also takes test of Puja Rituals from the beginners. Nowadays the above mentions rituals are being done by PujaPanda. Now the Purohita are attending following works.

  1. Inaugurate the beginning work of chariot construction in each year.
  2. Establishment work of newly constructed chariot on the day of Rathajatra.
  3. Ankura Ropana for Pushyavisheka, Adhibar Abhiseka & offering of Bal Bhoga before deities.
  4. Conducting Homa ( Oblation ) on each full moon day ( Purnima )
  5. Patradhibas on this day before birth of Baamana ( 5th incarnation of Bishnu )
  6. Conducting Homa before Ananta and all work during Automn Durgapuja( Shola Puja ).
  7. One can do the service by obtain purity in rituals.

This service is an ancestral service. One can be put under supervision found guilty in performing the duty.

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