Train Timings At Puri – 4




Puri Station Railway Enquiry No : (06752) – 224995 & 224131

TrainNo. Train Name Arr Dept
202 Puri-Howrah Passenger via Naraj 08.20
209 Dhenkanal-Puri Passeng. 11.45
210 Puri Dhenkanal Passeng. 16.15
211 Rourkela-Puri Passeng. 23.30
212 Puri Rourkela Passeng. 04.00
213 Cuttack-Puri Passenger 19.50
217 Puri-Palassa Passenger 06.20
218 Palassa-Puri Passenger 21.10
221 Angul-Puri Passenger 10.35
222 Puri-Angul Passenger 16.00
1KP Khurda Road-Puri Pass 08.00
2KP Puri Khurda Road Pass 18.15
3KP Khurda Road-Puri Pass 14.05
4KP Puri Khurda Road Pass 22.45


All care has been taken to provide up-to-date information as possible at the time of publication. Train Timings are liable to change. We are not accepting any responsibility in this regard.

The 24 hour clock (Midnight to Midnight) is used to show the train timings. For example, 10.00 a.m is 10:00 hours and 10.00 pm is 22.00 hrs.

The dotted mark ( — ) used in the timing column against a station indicates that the train originates / terminates there.

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Weather Puri  am26-06-2019
Wind: 15.53km/h
South West
Humidity: 83%

    LOOKING AHEAD Puri Weather
  • 27-06-2019 [ Thu]
    High:29°C Low:29°C
  • 28-06-2019[ Fri]
    Mostly Cloudy
    High:30°C Low:29°C
  • 29-06-2019[ Sat]
    Mostly Cloudy
    High:31°C Low:29°C
  • 30-06-2019[ Sun]
    High:31°C Low:28°C

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