Ancient 4 Gates Of Puri – Char Ghat




In ancient times, it was necessary to enter to Shrikhetra Puri through four gates ( Char Ghat ). Apart from the Balighat on the Konark – Puri road, the other three ghats are Mangalaghat, Atharnalaghat and Loknath Ghat. In addition, “Huluhulia Ghat” is found in “Karmangi” and “Haringhat” in some other ancient papers. But these two ghats were not entrances. Gajapati had appointed a four Ghat Padhiari to guard the four gates. They are known as Ghata Prusti.

They left the tourist to Shrikhetra when they show the paper of Ghat Chada Patra. Similarly, in terms of waterway, there was a ghat in the Mahodadhi ( Beach Of Puri ). The Gate of Swargadwar was a great pilgrimage center . It was also called the Ghat Funeral, because of the funeral arrangements of dead bodies.

To the south of the gate of Swargadwar, is another gate called ‘Pitrasadanghat’. In that ghat Tila tarpan Sahradha, ritual was arranged by the family of deads. Near to this ghat there was another Ghat called Barunda Dwar Ghat. On this Ghat, at every Amavsya tithi, Amabhasya Narayan, the reperesentive of Lord Jagannath, who come Mahodadhi ( Beach of Puri ) and special ritual arrange for Amavasya Tithi. The fourh Ghat is Chakra Titha Ghat, the most pious and holy because of believe the Lord Jagannath ‘wood’ ( Daru ) was first planted in this ghat. Some festival ritual is also conducted Chakra Tirtha Ghat. Adjacent to the east side of Bankimuhan, the ‘Boita’ were came to this ghat as it was a ghat. It is believed that Renu(sand) of this ghat is the most useful for Bastuchakra bidhi.

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