Goddess awakening in Sri Mandir, invitation of thousand vessel of water, mula-Astami, Dwitiya osa and worship of Goddess Durga for long Sixteen days




Goddess Bimala is worshiped in the inner side of Sri Mandir Campus (Bhitara Bedha). She is regarded as Chief Goddess of Sri Kshetra is Puri. Goddess worshiping tradition of Odisha, Goddess Bimala is regarded as chief Goddess of power in Puri.

During the Autumn season in the month of Aswina ( Septembr & October) . The Autumnal worship is commemorated through oblation, sacrifice with pomp and ceremony . Alike other worships observed in the Sri Jagannath Temple, this festival is observed with much pomp and adornment for long sixteen days during the month of Aswina, is called Saradiya Durga Ustchhab ( Autumnal Durga Festival ). Apart from this Autumnal Durga festival of Goddess Bimala, there are regular worshiping procedure adopted throughout the year . The daily worship of Bimala is being regulated with regard to the worship adopted to the Deities like Sri Balavadra, Sri Jagannath & Goddess Subhadra. All the bhogas offer to the main deities & again offer to Goddess Bimala. After offering the Bhogas to Bimala, The offerings are called Maha-Prasad. This is the main peculiarity of Mahaprasad in Sri Jagannath Temple.



Maa Kakudikhai is the representive Gosanis Of Goddess Bimala, outstside of Temple

Maa Kakudikhai is the representative Gosanis Of Goddess Bimala, outside of Temple

In Sri Mandir, the sleeping and awakening of Goddess Durga is being celebrated in the month of Bhadrab and Aswin. It is believed that the sleeping duration of Goddess Durga is from the eighth day of Sukla Pakhya Bhadrab (8th day of light fort night of Bhadrab) to the 8th day of Dark fort night of Aswina. She goes to bed on 8th day Sukla Bhadrab and awakes on the 8th day krushna Aswina. On 8th day of krushna Aswina. The replica of Goddess Durga by order of Lord (by Agyan mala)Proceeds to Bathing pedestal (Majana Mandap)of completion of morning offerings of Bhoga to Sri Jagannath,Balavadra and Subhadra. At majana mandap all the servitor like Puja Panda, Pati Mahapatra and Mudirath. Brahmin on invitation offer One thousand pond water to Goddess Durga. After bathing completed the Goddess dressed with new cloths. After observing due rituals,the Goddess proceeds to the gate way of Bhandar ghar(Stong room of Sri Jagannath). Then the retuals called invitation of thousand ponds completes.

Dutibahana Osha, Dwitya Osha

Dutibahana Osha, Dwitya Osha

The 8th day of dark fortnight of Aswin month is called Mula-Astami. This auspicious day is regarded as the commencing of Autumnal 16 days long worshiping festival of Goddess Durga at all the Goddess establishments. On this day, a Brata Osha is observed called Dwitiya Osha. The God of this Osha is Dutibahana who is believed to be son of Sun God. Born from a widow Brahmin. It reveals from the osha book that a kite and Jackel subsequently born in human form on good effect of this Brata. On this day Maha Laxmi the consort of Lord Sri Jagannath also observe this sacred Brata. After completion of evening offers(Sandhya Dhoop)to deities, Sri Devi by order of lord goes to the Temple of Mahalaxmi boarded on a decorated palanauin. One pujapanda servitor recites the Brata matter to mahalaxmi. After observing all rituals such as Bhoga and Dhoopa Sridevi returns to throne(Ratna Singhana).

Commencement of Sixteen days worship
The 16 days long worship of Goddess Durga begins from 8th day of dark fort night of Aswin and continu till 8th day of light fort night of the same month. On this 8th day of dark fort night Different Categories of Brahmins are engased for this puja at the temple of Bimala . Different type of Traditional Cakes and Payas prepare for offering to goddess. This worship locally called as Sodasa Puja Upachar. This type of puja continues till 7th day of light fort night of Aswin.

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